Distilling What Investors Want

The core visualizations that we provide to consumers -- all of which can viewed in a mobile device -- are the results of extensive research we've done on how investors value specific information. In fact, what's most important to investors can be distilled into five basic concepts:

  1. Performance: Investors want to see their investment performance relative to an investable benchmark that reflects their risk tolerance and investment horizon
  2. Progress: Investors want to see their progress in achieving their goals
  3. Fees: Investors want to know their fees as well as how their fees compare to other opportunities out there
  4. Protection: In creating a clear set of expectations, it's important to educate investors about how their current portfolio is protected from loss
  5. Clear & Simple: Information should provided to investors in a way that engages them without overwhelming 

We've taken the time to learn what's important to investors and provide the information in a way that is both approachable and informative.